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Introduction to EndNote Online Roaming Access

There are several different versions of EndNote. 

  • EndNote Desktop -  which you can buy yourselves and install on your computer. We do not support this in the library and can't help you with it. In most cases even at Masters and PhD level EndNote Online Roaming Access is fine.
  • EndNote apps which you can buy yourselves and install on your phone or tablet. Again you are on your own with support.
  • EndNote Online - is a combination of an online account and a plugin  for Microsoft Word. It is free for everybody all around the world.
  • EndNote Online Roaming Access - This requires you to login to EndNote online on campus in an Institute that has a subscription to Web of Science or Roaming access (IT Sligo for example). This gives you a roaming library and means you get access to the IT Sligo Harvard Bibliographic Style. You have to login "on campus" once every 12 months to keep roaming access. We are going to show you how to register and login in such a way that looks like you are "on campus" so you get roaming access. Roaming access is given to you while you are a student of IT Sligo.
  • Web of Science is a journal citation database that we subscribe to. EndNote Online is owned by the same company. Your login will work for both Web of Science (WOS) and EndNote Online.


How to Create an EndNote Online Account 

  • Go to
  • Click Databases and then Web of Science. You will have to login there using your campus login details. (same as Moodle)
  • If you prefer you can use the direct link here to Web of Science:

  • Click the "My Tools" and then "Endnote" link (figure 1)


figure 1 : screenshot of Web of Science


  • On the pop up that appears click register (you will need to make  sure your browser is not stopping pop ups)
  • Enter your email address in the two places required. From now on that email address will be your user name.
  • You can use an IT Sligo email address or a Gmail or Hotmail address etc. Click continue.
  • Next you will have to open your email inbox and find the code sent to you from thompsonreuters.
  • Copy and paste that code into the popup in Web of Science and then click continue. See figure 2. 

figure 2: screenshot of email verification pop up

  • You will then see a pop up that explains that your email address is now what you use to sign in. ( to Web of Science or EndNote Online) Close that popup using the X. 
  • Next you have to type in your details and make up a password and type it in twice. Click submit changes. See figure 3.

figure 3 : screenshot of registration form in endnote online.

  • A page will appear asking you to agree to the end user agreement. Click Agree
  • You are now logged in to EndNote Online, and an annoying popup might appear. click the x at the top of it to close it. 

How to Login to EndNote Online the next time

You have 2 options:

  1. Go to the library website and access endnote through the "My Tools" option in Web of Science from now on.
  2. Use this url: . Once a year login through Web of Science. (to keep roaming access )


How to check to see if you have "Roaming" Access

  • When logged in to EndNote Online, click on the person icon at the top left. (figure 4)
  • Click the cog symbol that says "Account" beside it.
  • Click the subscription link at the top, and you will see if you have roaming access and when it will expire.


figure 4: screenshot of person icon in endnote online.

figure 5: screenshot of account information in endnote online.

Where do I download the plugin software from?

  • Click on the Format Tab at the top of the page, then click on the cite while you write plugin link to download it. (figure 6)
  • Before you install the plugin make sure that Word is closed. 

figure 6: screenshot of where to download the plugin.



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  1. Please let us know if this works/does not work or if this guide needs to be tweaked by adding a comment. Thanks, Áine
    by Áine Meehan (Library Staff) on Wed,Nov,2016.

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