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Convert a link for off campus access

The library uses a  method known as ezproxy from  for database authentication. Staff and students need to use their campus login for access.

For students the username is their e-mail address, for staff it's the username you use to log into their staff pc, the initial of your first name and then surname. Example: Brad Pitt's username would be bpitt.

Retired staff need to contact Martina Conlon who will then submit a request to IT Services to get your username/password reset.

On campus access should be seamless, you don't need to login, you just go to for example.

However, off campus staff and students  and staff will need to click on a link that has our ezproxy URL appended to the beginning of it. becomes

One the off campus user clicks on this link, the college log in screen opens, and once authenticated they get access.

All the links on the library website home page and more info page have been rewritten with the ezproxy url, but it is only off campus that you will notice the ezproxy text in the url.  

If you want to send someone a link to a journal article in JSTOR, or page in a book in ebrary for example, you will need to rewrite the url to include the ezproxy url. Please use the tool below , and let us know if there are any problems. 

EzLink Creator

Find the Persistent link to the database, article or ebook etc.

Most links to content on the internet change from time to time. Most of the library databases resources have persistent links which means that they do not change. 

1. Copy and paste your persistent web link here :

2. Click this button:

3. Copy and use the resulting link :

Example : Ebrary Ebook

  1. Go to summon or ebrary and find a book
  2. Click "share link to book"
  3. Copy that link into the ezlink creator above
  4. copy the resulting url

resulting URL:

Tip!! No matter what page you have open in ebrary, if you click on the link icon at the top of the page and add the exproxy part, the link once clicked will open that exact page!!

screenshot of link icon





Please feel free to contact us if you need any further help with this.


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  1. Let us know if the bookmarklet does not work. I'm not too sure if it works or not on the ebsco journal persistent links
    by Aine Meehan on May 14, 2015.